The Islamic Resistance in Iraq announced on November 17 that its forces attacked three US bases in Syria and Iraq.

Iran PressWest Asia: “In response to the crimes committed by the enemy against our people in Gaza, the Mujahideen of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq targeted the American occupation base, Tal Baidar, west of the Syrian city of Hasakah, with two drones, and they directly hit their targets,” a statement by umbrella-group read. 

The coalition announced earlier on Friday the targeting of two other bases in Iraq, the Harir base and the Ain al-Assad base. 

US bases in Iraq and Syria have been under constant attacks since the middle of last month. The attacks come in solidarity with the resistance in Gaza and in rejection of US support for Israel’s ongoing war there. 

Several missile and drone attacks targeted US occupation bases in Syria on 13 November. The attacks were a direct response to the latest round of US airstrikes on the country, which Washington claims as “self-defense.” 


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