4th dose of COVID vaccine is needed: Head of IPI

Tehran (IP) - The head of the Pasteur Institute of Iran (IPI) said that people who have received three doses of the 'PastoCovac' should receive the fourth COVID jab.

Iran PressIran news: Anti-coronavirus vaccine named PastoCovac as a joint venture between Iran and Cuba, is being produced at Pasteur Institute of Iran (IPI). PastoCovac, jointly manufactured by IPI and Cuba's Finlay Institute of Vaccines, can help boost the span and scope of public vaccination in Iran.

The third phase of the clinical trial of the Iranian-Cuban COVID-19 vaccine started in April Tehran, Iran, on December 21, 2021. 

On Saturday morning, Dr. Alireza Bigleri, IPI head, said that Iranians' acceptance of the PastoCovac+ caused a shortage of the vaccine, and the problem will be solved soon.

Dr. Bigleri further pointed out the need for a fourth COVID PastoCovac and added: "If six months have passed since the third dose of the PastoCovac Plus, people can get the fourth dose as well."

The head of the Pasteur Institute of Iran added: "The consignment of PastoCovac Plus vaccine will be administered in universities this week, but those who have received the previous doses of PastoCovac are in the priority."

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Despite the increase in COVID-19 patients, Iran is still passing relatively quiet days. The majority of citizens have been vaccinated with two doses, and the booster shot has entered a more sensitive phase.

Many countries believe that a fourth COVID vaccine shot is not yet needed. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation of Britain has said as booster shots still provide strong protection against severe disease from Omicron in older people.

"Latest figures show that, for the over-65s, protection against hospitalisation remains at about 90%, three months after the third jab, according to the UK Health Security Agency," the Guardian reported.


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