West Asia(IP): Lebanon's Hezbollah announced rocket attacks on three other Zionist bases.

Iran Press/ West Asia: According to Iran press, citing Al-Manar, Lebanon's Hezbollah announced a few minutes ago in a statement that the Zionist base "Raisat Alam" in the occupied Shabaa farms  has once again been targeted by a missile attack.

It is stated in this statement that this base was directly hit.

In another statement, Hezbollah announced that the Zionist base "Al-Samaqah" located in the Shabaa farms was also targeted by a missile attack.

Hezbollah also announced that it targeted the gathering of Zionist soldiers in the area of Al-Zahira base in a missile attack.

At noon today, Lebanon's Hezbollah issued a statement and announced:

The Fighters of the Islamic Resistance targeted the Barnit Zionist barracks with a "Falaq 1" missile , Saturday at 1:00 local time.

The statement also stated that the missile directly hit the intended target.

In another statement, Hezbollah announced that it has directly and precisely targeted the two bases of "Zabdin" and "Roisat al-Alam" in the occupied Shabaa farms.

In order to support the stable nation of Palestine in the Gaza Strip and to support the courageous resistance, and in response to the frequent aggressions of the Zionist regime in areas in the south of Lebanon, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance carries out operations against the bases and gatherings of the Zionist army on the borders of Lebanon and the occupied territories.


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