Moscow (IP) - Deputy Minister of Economic Diplomacy of Iran's Foreign Minister said the most important and the first problem of the Caspian Sea countries is the transit work.

Iran PressEurope: On the sidelines of the second Caspian Economic Forum, in an interview with Iran Press reporter in Moscow, Mehdi Safari stated that reaching the capacity of 15 million tons of goods transit between the Caspian Sea states to 30 million tons per year requires the creation of appropriate infrastructure.

He noted that the trade tariffs should be equalized between the coastal countries, and in this framework, the meeting of Central Asian and Caspian countries is going to be held on Sunday.

Safari added that the second most important issue is the unification of the electricity grids between the Caspian Sea countries because, in the near future, energy transmission will be done by electricity.

He pointed out that the third most important issue for the coastal countries of the Caspian Sea is cooperation in the field of oil and gas swap.

He highlighted that in addition to these cases, scientific, cultural, and tourism cooperation and establishing shipping in the Caspian Sea with the aim of promoting tourism between the countries bordering this sea are on the agenda.

The second Caspian Economic Forum was held in Moscow for two days on October 5 and 6, 2022, with the participation of the first vice president of Iran and the prime ministers of the four coastal countries of Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Russia.


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