Kazakhstan (IP) - Nowruz commemoration ceremony was held in the Oriental Studies Faculty of Kazakhstan Farabi University.

Iran PressAsia: Nowruz common customs between the people of Iran and Kazakhstan, the amazing impact of nature on human life, the impact of Nowruz on social behavior, and Nowruz and artists' creativity were among the topics discussed in the ceremony.

Setting up the Haft Sin table and introducing its components, and playing the Dombra (one of the national musical instruments of Kazakhstan), were among the other programs of celebrating the ancient Nowruz in Kazakhstan.

The third month in Kazakhstan's calendar is called Nowriz, and Nowruz was one of the celebrations forbidden during the 70-year domination of the Soviet Union.

After the collapse of the communist Soviet Union, the people of Central Asia, especially Kazakhstan, celebrate Nowruz with great elegance.

March 21 to 23 are official holidays in Kazakhstan. 


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