Tehran(IP)-The spokesman for Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the setting of 234 polling stations in 133 Iranian missions abroad to hold Iran's 13th Presidential Election.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking in his weekly press conference on Monday, Spokesman for Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saeed Khatibzadeh explained the latest developments and answered reporters' questions.

Khatibzadeh said: "The upcoming Presidential Election will determine the fate of Iran and Iranians in the next few years in the field of the executive management of the country. The people of Iran shone brightly at different junctures of the country's history and their presence was effective; they declared their will through the ballot boxes."

Khatibzadeh added: "I hope that all people turn Friday into another national day in the history of Iran. Iran and Iranians have always supported the security and national interests of the country, and the same will happen on Friday."

Reporting the actions taken at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the elections, the official stated: "The election headquarters abroad has been formed in the Consular and Parliamentary Department of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs, which was established in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at least 6 months ago. Last December, we issued instructions to all Iranian missions abroad as well as embassies, asking them to count and announce all eligible voters."

"We have about three and a half million eligible people abroad," he said, noting, "In April, all items, supplies, and requirements of the missions were counted and efforts were made for them to be provided. About one million election ballots have been handed over to the Foreign Ministry, and 679,000 ballots have been sent to the missions."

Khatibzadeh added: ‌"The Consular Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been appointed as the head of the election campaign abroad."

He went on to say: "In all the ballot boxes, more than 200 observers of the Guardian Council have been appointed and introduced to the Iranian missions. To date, 133 Iranian missions with 234 polling stations will hold elections on June 18, 2021. We will have one or more ballot boxes in all the countries we represent. There is no possibility to vote in three countries, the most important of which is Canada where the Canadian government did not coordinate with us in the previous period."

This practice has been continued by the Canadian government during this period. Despite the fact that an official note was sent by the Swiss Embassy to Canada as a guardian of Canada's interests, a delegation from Iran went to Canada for this purpose, but they did not agree. This shows that the Canadian government is looking at not only democratic processes but also the law. It ignores educated Iranians in Canada.

Khatibzadeh stated: "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the government of Iran have made every effort, and we have tried to provide ballot boxes in the border areas and cities of the United States and Canada, including Buffalo and Oregon."

He added that ballot boxes have been provided in 24 US states, highlighting: "There are five branches in the UK, three in Qatar and five in Germany."

"I urge everyone to go to the ballot boxes," the Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

The senior Iranian diplomat stated: "The Foreign Ministry has issued more than 160 journalists' visas to cover the upcoming Presidential Election."

An election news and information headquarters has been set up at the Foreign Ministry's Public Diplomacy Center."

He stated: "All preparations have been made in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to have a flawless election."



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