10-Day Dawn:

Accra(IP)- The Palestinian Ambassador to Ghana and Dean of Arab diplomatic missions in Ghana Abdulfatah Ahmed Khalil Alsattari in an exclusive interview with Iran Press congratulated Iran and Iranians on the glorious victory of the Islamic revolution.

Iran PressAfrica: He said: “I am here today to congratulate Iran on its national day and we pray all the time and we wish the best to Iran's Leader and the people of Iran, and as the Palestinian Ambassador, I would like to thank Iran on its continued support to the Palestinian people and Iran stand by the side of justice to the Palestinian people and I like to thank them personally for the big support to the people of Palestine. And I like Iran's support of South Africa to take Israel to the international court. So, thank you so much for the Iranian people, and thank all the people in the world who supported justice and international law and human rights to the Palestinian people.”

The national chief imam of Shia Ghana Sheikh Kamaludeen Muhammad also in an exclusive interview with Iran Press called on all nations to learn from the Islamic Republic of Iran, saying, “We have to learn from the Islamic Republic of Iran, they started very humble but they persisted and they can revolutionaries all aspects of Iranian sector, we as Africans here need to learn from them that whatever you want to achieve despite the obstacles, been aware that they have been facing sanctions since the start of the revolution but notwithstanding, they were able to reach where they are, so what we can learn from them is that we can also persist whatever we want to do and be resilient, whatever we want to do or achieve if we are persistent, we can achieve it."


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