On occasion of 10-Fajr Day;

Accra(IP): The leader of Ahibbau Ghana says the world must draw inspiration from Iran's Islamic Revolution of Iran under the leadership of Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.

Iran PressAfrica: Sheikh Muhammad Kabir, in an exclusive interview with the Iran Press, said that the Islamic Revolution which continues under the leadership of Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei is unmatchable.

“This revolution which was championed by Imam Khomeini is one of the democratic systems established under Islam, which was started by the Prophet Muhammad SAW, for Imam Khomeini revived it, it is a democratic political system which is supposed to be under the authority of the jurist which in Arabic language is called vilayatul fakih ( Islamic guardianship jurisprudence), so in brief it is one of the political systems which most people do not know, it is democratic political system of the world today.

“As we all know it was established in 1979 for the past forty years now, it has been in existence, and that is the fact that it was established under a strong and truthful background and for that reason it was able to survive up till date, and we all know how the world hegemony had been pursuing it to see that it does not survive, but because it was built on a very strong pillar, it is still surviving.

Imam Khomeini himself who championed the cause witness it for only ten years, so for the past thirty and more years now, it has been continued under the leadership and guidance of Sayyed Ali Khamenei, and we all have witnessed how resilient he has been in facing all the world superpowers and up till date we are all witnessing what is happening to the world as far as politics is concerned, and the current situation of the world has also exposed the western system of democracy, as we all know what is happening in Gaza, Palestine, where these people are violating all kind of rights, basic human rights that the world has all agreed on that these rights nobody should trample upon but the world is a witness today to what the western system is doing to the world and what they doing specifically to Palestine, and this is the reason why we say that yes democracy is democracy and everyone needs democracy, but what kind of democracy system is the best for the world today.

Thus, we are under the leadership of Seyyed Ali Khamenei today and as we have seen the progress that the Islamic Revolution of Iran has gone through, and we are also the world witness to the peaceful nature of the Islamic system, we are saying that the best solution to the world today is the kind of Islamic democratic system under the authority of jurists, which with this insha Allah ( God willing) soon the world will realize that the world needs nothing but this kind of government which is best and suitable for the human beings at large.

“We are also calling on knowledgeable, scholars to champion this call by creating awareness in the world, it seems that the majority of the people are even not aware that there is another political system called Velayat Fakih, and that is because the Western world doesn’t want the world to know about this, because if the world got to know about this, they are afraid people will get to see that it is the best system and best solution for the world as it stand as now, so I called upon scholars to create this awareness to the whole world, such that the world will witness the best so far the best government for humanity.” 219

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