Feb 09, 2019 19:57 Asia/Tehran
  •  Baghdad opposed to Iran sanctions: Iraqi official

Iraqi parliament speaker said on Saturday that Iraqi officials have always been emphasizing that Baghdad opposes the US sanctions against Iran and any policy of sanctioning nations.

Iran Press/Middle East: Muhammad al-Halbusi who met Iranian Ambassador to Iraq, Iraj Masjedi at Iran's Embassy in Baghdad to congratulate Iran's leader, government and nation on the 40th victory anniversary of Iran's Islamic Revolution, lauded Iran's 'unforgettable' role in helping Iraq fight terrorism.

Iraq hopes that Iran will continue supporting Iraq in the reconstruction era, he added, IRNA reported.

The Iraqi parliament speaker called for improvement of relations between Iran and Iraq in all fields.

In the meantime, Masjedi for his part said that Iran is ready to help Iraq in the reconstruction era.

Masjedi thanked Iraq for its stance on opposing sanctions against Iran.

Currently, Iran and Iraq have extensive political and trade ties with each other. Iraq depends on Iran's natural gas imports for electricity generation.

Iran is currently Iraq's top trading partner, with volume of Tehran-Baghdad trade reaching about $12 billion, according to Iraqi officials.  

The two countries are currently working on the supply of Iranian natural gas to the Sadr neighborhood of Baghdad, and al-Mansuriya power plants through a 270-kilometer pipeline and to Basra near the Iranian border via a separate pipeline.105


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