Mar 23, 2019 18:51 Asia/Tehran

Mashhad (IP) - Deputy Foreign Minister for political affairs said implementation of projects in various fields is an indicator of the fact that Iranian nation moves toward development despite sanctions imposed on this nation.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking in the inauguration ceremony of the biggest Iranian tourism, entertainment, and botanic complex in Mashhad on Saturday evening, the deputy foreign minister Seyyed Abbas Araghchi referred to the nomination of the new Iranian year as the 'Year of Boosting the Production' and said: "Inauguration of this project is actually contributing to the development of tourism. Tourism is an industry that attracts visitors from abroad," Iran Press reported.

"Foreign tourists bring hard currency to the country and it is, in fact, a contribution to the domestic production," he added.  

The biggest Iranian tourism, entertainment, and botanic complex, which inaugurated in Mashhad, is 24,000 square meters and is open to domestic and foreign tourists up to April 4th.

In this ceremony, Nafiseh Asghari, director general of this complex, said: "This project has been implemented based on the instructions of the leader of Islamic Revolution regarding the boosting of resilience economy." 103


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