Feb 11, 2019 17:14 Asia/Tehran

Iran's minister of energy has described domestic capacities as the key factor which has led to Iran's success in energy production.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iranian politician and the current minister of Energy Reza Ardakanian, in an exclusive interview with Iran Press called relying on domestic expertise, resources, capacities and capabilities as the key to the success of the Islamic Republic of Iran in different sectors.

Referring to  Iran's regional cooperation and transactions in the Pre- and post- revolutionary era, Ardakanian went on to say that before the Islamic revolution, the regional projects were limited.

He added that in the post-revolutionary era cooperation with neighboring countries on many different joint projects flourished, so that the Islamic Republic of Iran can be consider as the leading country in the field of  Energy.


Calling people's constant support for the Islamic revolution as an effective tool for increasing the country's capacities in water and electricity sectors, Iran's top energy official said regional countries acknowledge the significant electricity development in the Islamic Republic of Iran. "We hope in the beginning of the fifth decade of Islamic Revolution prospects for job creation for our beloved young people would improve", he concluded.

Ardakanian's comments came on the sidelines of the nationwide rallies on Monday morning, marking the 40th anniversary of the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. 104/ 211 /203


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