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The Iranian Minister of Sport and Youth has said that Iran's achievements in sports like in so many other fields, is many times more than its achievements during the Pahlavi regime.

Iran Press/Iran newsThe Minister of Sport and Youth, Masoud Soltanifar in an exclusive interview with Iran Press News Agency on the sideline of 11 February (22 Bahman) rally on the occasion of 40th anniversary of Islamic revolution in Tehran, congratulated the Iranian nation for standing firm behind the revolution after 40 years and said: "Like other fields, fortunately in sport the Iranian nation has had great achievement over the past 40 years."

 Soltanifar added: "We have accomplished a lot in sports in the international arena over the past 40 years. Fro example, in the Olympic games, from 20 Gold medals Iranian athletes have won so far, 16 were won after the Islamic Revolution."

Commenting further he said: "We have constructed sport space 8 times more than past regime. Out of the five times we have taken part in Football World Cup, four have been after the Islamic Revolution, and the medals we have gained in Asian tournaments is a lot more compared to medals gained during the past regime."

Commenting on women's sport, Soltanifar said: "We have also good achievements in women's sport. Today we have many women who are very active in all sporting fields."

The Minister of Sport and Youth went on to appreciate the great Iranian nation for their massive turnout in 22 Bahman rally and said:  "We created all over the country sport facilities and surely this approach in sport will continue by the people of Iran in decades to come."

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