Dec 07, 2018 11:58 Asia/Tehran

"US government’s policies against the Iranian people and government doomed to failure in national and international arena," Tehran Provisional Friday Prayers Leader, Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movahhedi Kermani said.

Iran Press /Iran news Ayatollah Movahhedi Kermani said, US government always tried to undermine the real image of Iran to the world since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, but always faced with failures.

"The US government’s policies against the Iranian people and government have been doomed to failure both in national and international level," he added, Iran Press reported.

Tehran Provisional Friday Prayers Leader, Ayatollah Movahhedi Kermani pointed to the "National Students Day"(16 Azar - 7 December) and added, seeking justice and fighting against US is integral part of student movement and students and academics are the flag bearers for fighting against US oppression and tyranny.

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Ayatollah Movahhedi Kermani also said, US made the most savage anti-human measures across the world, from Guantanamo prison crisis to Abu Ghraib prison scandal, but calls itself supporter and defender of human rights which is ridiculous.

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Ayatollah Movahhedi Kermani went on critical situation in Yemen and said, brutal killing of Yemeni people by al-Saud regime, some Arab countries and Zionist regime as well as full support of the US and its Western allies, once again showed that their claim for human values is just deception and blatant lies.

The mockery and ridiculous support of the United States and Israel for the human rights indicates that they do not value humanity and human rights at all, Tehran Provisional Friday Prayers Leader emphasized. 105/205


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