Jul 13, 2018 13:21 Asia/Tehran

Addressing a huge crowd of the faithful and Friday prayer worshippers , Tehran's interim Friday Prayers Leader, Hojjatoleslam Abu Torabi Fard, stressed that Iran is a powerful country which is accelerating along the path of progress, and that this trend is sure to continue.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Hojjatoleslam Abu Torabi Fard  said Iran's clout and power in political, security, defence, and scientific spheres is quite remarkable , and is a direct consequence of the patience and resistance of the Iranian nation during eight years of imposed war.

Turning to the enemy's economic pressure on Iran, the interim Friday prayers leader said:  "Economic and financial decision makers in Iran, and senior managers, by choosing a corect approach and adopting the right policies, will turn Iran into a major economic power in Asia, and a  major player in the world's economy, thus dashing enemy hopes and scuppering their economic plots and schemes.

In further comments, Hojjatoleslam Abu Torabi Fard  said:  "The right deed is the key to solve the country's  problems."

He went on to explain that  through   continuous right  and purified deeds  one can cause a drastic change in the different aspects  of life, including  the fields  of family, and individual  life, as well as  political one.

Tehran's  interim Friday prayers leader went on to say that the vicious triangle of Trump,Bin Salman and Natanyahu know well that Iran is a powerful country which paves the ground for the advance of resistance movements  in the region.