Jul 12, 2018 13:17 Asia/Tehran

Protests about Donald Trump's upcoming visit to Britain have already begun, while prime minister, Theresa May, and her foreign secretary are nervously preparing for Trump 's arrival.

Britain is seemingly set for  the strangest ceremony  for welcoming the most challenging  US President ever.

Two years ago when British prime minister Theresa May congratulated  Trump for winning the 2016 presidential elections at  the White House,  personally , she also invited him to her homeland on behalf of the British queen.

With Trump's trip to Britain being cancelled twice already, the  country has to choose to say him welcome through building fences  around whit is going to be its place of residence during his trip to Britain.  The police  forces are also on   the   sate  of alert . The reason behind all this should  be traced back to the  electronic petition which was signed by  some 1863708 people who  wanted to prevent US 45 the president from  making   state visit  to UK.They were also  some protests across the country to cal for cancellation of Trump's visit . As the protests became widespread in the country the police forces are  on the state of alert which was led to some 30 billion- pound  -expense  should be paid by tax payers.

Further more It has been decided to arrange Trump's official meeting with the British top officials kilometers away from London. the move has been interpreted by media as a sign of British people s  victory against racist Trump. 

American Embassy has asked  of the American nationals residing in UK to stay home when Trump is in the country however they have announced they are going to protest  before US embassy .  

The protests have already begun, police leave has been cancelled, while the prime minister and her foreign secretary are nervously preparing for any potential mishaps, gaffes or insults: Donald Trump is finally arriving in the UK.

The US president’s plane touches down on Thursday lunchtime for a four-day visit sandwiched between the Nato summit and his trip to Helsinki to meet Vladimir Putin. Theresa May is fervently hoping her welcome will keep Trump’s loyalties focused on the former.

Big crowds are expected in London on Friday, when the giant “Trump baby” balloon caricaturing the president as a nappy-wearing, phone-clutching infant, will be hoisted above Westminster.

Around 4,000 officers will be drafted into areas Trump is visiting, the biggest mobilisation since the 2011 riots across England. The National Police Chiefs’ Council has urged the public to avoid putting any extra strain on officers, many of whom will work 12-hour shifts.

Police have also secured a temporary ban on low-flying aircraft from parts of the UK being visited by Trump, for security reasons.