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President Hassan Rouhani reiterated that Iran has obliged itself to diplomacy and dialogue, but under pressure and sanctions, negotiation is helpless and has no meaning.

Iran Press/Iran news: The behavior of the Trump administration in recent months suggests that Americans are trying not to reach an agreement with Iran and they are taking steps to make any compromise between the two sides impossible.

However, the US which pretends to be eager for meeting between Rouhani and Trump, following the Iranian president's proposals in New York, immediately imposed more sanctions upon the Islamic Republic instead of reducing the economic war on the Islamic country.

Whereas, according to Mr. Rouhani's speech at the UN General Assembly, "Instead of a “show” of negotiation, you should return to the reality of negotiation. A memorial photo is the last step of negotiation; not the first one."

In his speech to UNGA, Hassan Rouhani said "We say no to negotiations under sanctions and threats". This was the key statement made by, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr. Hassan Rouhani at the seventy-fourth annual session of the United Nations General Assembly in response to all efforts done by the United States and its allies to persuade Iran to meet the US president.

Rouhani added that: "If you require a positive answer, and as declared by the leader of the Islamic Revolution, the only way for talks to begin is return to commitments and compliance".

Under Trump's executive order, senior officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran and their first-degree relatives are banned from entering the United States. A few days before a high-level Iranian delegation's visit to New York to attend a UN General Assembly meeting, the Trump administration, in an unprecedented move which is contrary to the international laws, categorized the 'Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran' and the 'National Development Fund of Iran' as the institutes which should be confronted within the frameworks of the anti-terrorism laws, making it almost impossible for the two major Iranian monetary entities to exit from US sanctions even if a US-Iran deal might have reached on a nuclear issue.

The Iranian president went on saying that "If you are sensitive to the name of the JCPOA, well, then you can simply return to its framework and abide by UN Security Council Resolution 2231. Stop the sanctions so as to open the way for the start of negotiations."

This stance is important because the three rounds of the US president's meeting with the North Korean leader, and even Donald Trump's step on the North Korean soil, have so far yielded no tangible results and have not diminished a few US sanctions pressure on Pyongyang. Therefore, the US government's abjuration, in particular, the withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran and the failure to negotiate under pressure with the United States, have led all officials, political parties and social elites in Iran to conclude that the resisting pressures will be the key to the path of success. 212/ 104

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