Deputy secretary-general of Lebanon's Hezbollah said the US cannot force the Lebanese people to change.

Iran PressIran News: Describing the US sanctions against the Lebanese nation as a clear act of aggression, Sheikh Naeim Qassim said on Friday that the sanctions do cannot change the equations against the Lebanese people, but strengthen the Resistance's allies. 

After the successes of Hezbollah in the fight against the terrorist groups in the region, the US and the Israeli regimes have increased efforts to intensify pressure on the Lebanese movement, imposing sanctions on the Lebanese banks and figures for their links to Hezbollah.

With regard to the formation of Lebanon's new government, the  Hezbollah cooperates with a government in which more political groups are membered and that it does not accept that the next government will be formed of independent individuals, the official went on to say.

On August 31, the Lebanese President Michel Aoun appointed Mustapha Adib to form a new cabinet.    207

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