The head of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council said that the people of Yemen will never be silent about the looting of their wealth, which turns into companies and real estate by mercenaries abroad.

Iran PressMiddle East: The head of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council, Mahdi Al-Mashat, said that “we condemn the plundering of the riches of the Yemeni people by mercenaries and depositing their value into the National Bank of Saudi Arabia.”

Mahdi Al-Mashat pointed out that “the Yemeni people are suffering from a lack of services and disruption in the payment of salaries as a result of the US-Saudi aggression, and oil and gas mercenaries have looted enough to pay the salaries of state employees and pensioners and achieve development.”

He stressed that “the Yemeni people will not remain silent about the ongoing looting of their wealth, which turns companies and real estate into mercenaries abroad.”

Earlier in the day, U.S. Special Envoy to Yemen Tim Landerking indicated that “we were delighted to reach a new truce, which means a 6-month de-escalation has been achieved,” noting that “thanks to the truce, the amount of fuel entering Yemen is more than 5 times exceeds the previous number. Lenderking told Al Jazeera that “the negotiating parties in Yemen need to put in more effort, especially in terms of confidence-building measures, and we will increase our support for the efforts being made in the negotiations on the Yemeni crisis.”

The Saudi-led coalition, since the start of the invasion of Yemen in 2015, has killed over 17,000 Yemenis and injured 10,000 others while making millions of civilians homeless.

According to the UN, Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen has caused the world's worst humanitarian disaster.


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