Yemen (IP) - The Spokesman of Yemen's Army reported that during recent hours the Yemeni drones targeted different points of the Israeli-occupied territories of Palestine.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Yaha al-Sari warned the Israeli regime that as long as the Israeli army bombards the Gaza Strip, Yemen's operation against the regime would go on.  

Earlier he reported the Yemeni army's attack on several military targets in Eilat, south of the occupied Palestine with ballistic missiles.

Yahya al-Sari reiterated that the attacks of Yemen's army on the Israeli-occupied territories of Palestine and the seizure of Israeli ships in the Makkoran Sea and the Red Sea will continue until the war on Gaza stops.  

The US sent its 200th shipment of weapons and ammunition for the Israeli regime against the people of Gaza.

Since the beginning of the Israeli regime's attack on Gaza, the Yemeni armed forces have targeted the positions of the regime several times in support of the Palestinian people.

Israel is struggling to compensate for the irreparable intelligence and military blow it suffered from the October 7 Operation of Al-Aqsa Flood carried out by Hamas. 

Since the beginning of the Israeli war on Gaza, nearly 18,000 Palestinian people have been martyred, and more than 46,000 others have been injured.


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