West Asia(IP): Yemen's Ansarullah Movement called the blocking of its official page on the X platform (formerly Twitter) an expression of the double standards of the company operating this platform.

Iran Press/ West Asia:   According to IranPress, Company X disabled the official account of Ansarullah Yemen website without any legal justification.

The management of the Ansarullah information base considered the deactivation of the official account of this base on the X platform to be a violation of all human rights laws and conventions and a clear violation of the freedom of the press and publication.

The aforementioned organization stated that this action of X shows the double standards of the company operating this platform and being  influenced by  the decisions of the Zionist lobby.

The management of Ansarullah information base emphasized: "This illegal act endangers the professionalism of X Company and proves that it is no longer safe to be on this platform even if the company's professional standards are met."

This institution announced that this action of Twitter, like the action of the German company Contabo, is in the context of the aggression of the United States and Britain to Yemen, which has been repeatedly attacked by the United States and Britain due to san'a's support for the oppressed Palestinian nation.

The management of Ansarullah information base announced: " Attempting to silence the voices and free forums in exposing the Zionist lobby and its evil arms and their heinous terrorist acts against vulnerable people will not be successful because the whole world is fully aware that America supports terrorism, crime and corruption. 


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