Lebanon(IP)- Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah comments on the Israeli aggression on Nabatieh and al-Sawaneh in southern Lebanon, pledging that the Lebanese Resistance would escalate its operations on the battlefront.

Iran Press/ West Asia:  "The Resistance in Lebanon has a massive missile power that extends from 'Kiryat Shmona' to 'Eilat,'" he added.

"Our women and children in Nabatieh, Al-Sawwanah, and others, the enemy will pay, the price for shedding their blood, in blood," highlighted Nasrallah.

Nasrallah says that the enemy is wrong to think that killing our leaders women and children would make us back down. On the contrary. The martyrdom of these leaders gives us more momentum, he goes on to list examples over the decades.

Nasrallah implies that Israel intentionally targeted civilians in Lebanon this week, but adds this is a war, soldiers fighting soldiers, fighters killing fighters, it's normal in war. We are in a real war, in a battle against a savage enemy supported by the US. They target us where they can, we target them where we can.

Nasrallah: We cannot tolerate harm to civilians, when we can carry out any action to protect them or spare their lives, we must do this. The enemy must understand that they went too far in targeting civilians in the recent massacre.

Nasrallah adds that the response to Israel's latest massacre in south Lebanon must be to continue to resist on every front and expand the resistance on every front. And then he lists some of Hzb's escalatory responses after the Nabatieh massacre. (This is perhaps a message both to the Israelis and those in Lebanon who want a bigger response for every massacre, just my view)

Israeli war minister Yoav Gallant is insane

"Those who criticize resistance and complain about how much has been lost, what do you want from us? You want us to surrender. As long as we have two options, which one is more costly? The price of surrender is very dangerous. Surrendering in Lebanon after 1982 would have meant Israeli settlements and displacement of the people of the south at the very least, Israeli political and security hegemony over Lebanon, meaning no sovereignty, it would have meant thousands of prisoners, our resources would have been stolen. Surrender means enslavement," he added.

"Had Palestinians surrendered they wouldn't be in Gaza, they wouldn't still be in 1948, and Israel would control the whole region. Could Algeria have achieved independence had they surrendered? They would still be under French occupation. Look at Iran. Under the Shah, it was a police for the Americans. Not anymore."

"Look at the price of surrender. Surrendering to the Americans means humiliation. It's humiliating that countries that represent 2 billion Muslims can't send water food and tents to the people of Gaza. This is the culture of surrender. Meanwhile, the cost of resistance makes Israel shake, makes America tremble, and makes NATO shake."Nasrallah is now addressing the fabrications Israel spread across Western media about Hamas engaging in mass rape and burning bodies, etc, to try to liken it to ISIS: The Israelis weren't able to give evidence of one child being slaughtered, of one woman being raped. Even the civilians whose bodies were burned, the Israeli army killed, Israeli tanks, and Israeli missiles.

This was reported even in the Israeli press. But they won't open an investigation now bc then the claims they use to justify going after Hamas would collapse.Nasrallah adds that those who spread these lies have failed to retract them, they just remain silent: There's a lesson to be learned here.

The mere fact that Israel made these accusations against them, the whole world judged them without verifying. Regarding UNWRA, the head of UNWRA says there is no evidence of Israel's accusations that their employees participated in Al Aqsa Flood. But every day Israel on film kills and destroys women and children in Gaza and the whole world is silent, no measures are taken, no reaction. UNWRA's funds were cut off immediately, and Hamas was judged right away. We must speak out for the Palestinian people against these fabrications that tarnish their reputation.

Let's not forget what Israel means to America, Biden said without an Israel they'd have to create one. He said this in his youth and repeated it as an old man, Nasrallah noted.

Everyone wants an end to war in Gaza except Biden administration

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Lebanese Hezbollah leader, said: "The Americans continue to say we do not support a ceasefire in Gaza. The British a few days ago called for an end to the war. There's no longer anybody in the world who isn't calling for an end to the war in Gaza except for the Biden administration."

"Those who insist on eliminating Hamas are America more than Israel. Remember in 2006 the Israelis wanted to end the war on Lebanon bc they got tired and the Americans insisted they continue. Nobody should be confused or mistaken. Today every drop of blood being spilled in the region, the party which is responsible is Biden, Blinken. Gallant, Netanyahu, etc are tools to implement the American goals. Israel is an American base." Nasrallah added.

"To displace the people of Gaza and the West Bank, they want a Jewish state with no Palestinians. They were achieving this goal gradually, imposing a siege on Gaza to cause silent death. Al Aqsa storm put a stop to this, it exposed the enemy and created an earthquake in the entity and even the countries in the region took a difficult stance regarding displacement," He highlighted.


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