Tehran (IP) - Stressing the imperative to expand economic ties and enhance commercial cooperation between Tehran and Baghdad, the first vice president asserted that the close, robust, and genuine relationship between the two nations serves as a deterrent to adversaries while fostering hope and prosperity for their people.

Iran PressIran news: Mohammad Mokhber expressed optimism for the success of Iraq's government during a meeting with Iraqi Minister of Trade Salman Al-Ghariri and Iranian Minister of Economy, Ehsan Khandouzi and highlighted the importance of private-sector cooperation between Iran and Iraq.

"By adopting their currencies, the two sides can strengthen their commercial and economic bonds while reducing their reliance on foreign currencies," the Iranian first vice president highlighted.

The Iraqi Minister of Commerce lauded Iran as a bastion of history, civilization, and intellectual richness, affirming Baghdad's earnest pursuit of fortifying trade relations with Tehran as a top priority. Recognizing Iranian products' popularity in Iraqi markets, he expressed a keen interest in augmenting imports from Iran to meet consumer demand.

Describing Iran as a key trading partner, Minister Al-Ghariri pledged to facilitate Iranian businessmen's operations in Iraq by addressing impediments and challenges to promote business growth in the region.


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