The US police forces intruded into the Californian University to stop the students' protests against the US-backed Israeli war on Gaza right now on Thursday.

Iran PressAmerica: University students in the US hold protests across the country against the Israeli genocidal war on the Gaza Strip; a war which is fully supported by the US. 

Eyewitnesses say many pro-Palestinian protesters at the UCLA campus have announced that they "are prepared to get arrested for their cause."

The US riot police are deployed at the UCLA campus to clear the students' encampments. 

The American student protest movement began on April 17 at Columbia University in New York; the protesting students called on the university to cut off its relations with the Israeli institutions involved in the war on Gaza.

The police, heavily armed, fire tear gas at the protesters and shoot live bullets in the air to disperse them.  

Also, Al-Jazeera has just reported that the US riot police forces have entered the UCLA campus and are clearing the Gaza solidarity encampments of the students who are calling for the end of the war on Gaza.  

Meanwhile, the Israeli fighters have brought the Gaza Strip under heavy bombardment.

The Israeli unprecedented genocide of the Palestinian people began on October 7, as the result of which over 34,500 people have so far been martyred and over 77,700 others have been wounded, besides the Gazans' struggling with famine and starvation created due to the war. 219

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