IP - University of Arizona Police deployed "chemical irritant munitions" and urged residents to avoid the area as protests continue on campus.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Overnight, the University of Arizona police department (UAPD) responded "to an unlawful assembly," the UAPD's posts on the X platform said.

Police asked protesters on campus to "follow orders of police and disperse immediately" before deploying the irritant, according to the posts.

"Continue to avoid area, police action being taken," UAPD urged. 

Some classes scheduled on Wednesday at Tulane University in New Orleans will be conducted remotely as "the unlawful demonstration continues" on campus, according to a statement from university officials.

Since April 18, more than 1,000 people have been arrested on more than 25 campuses across at least 21 states. 

Clashes between law enforcement and protesters are disrupting colleges across the nation, with students facing arrest or expulsion in their call for divestment from companies that support Israel and the war in Gaza.

Police have arrived on campus at the University of California, Los Angeles after a pro-Zionism group violently attacked pro-Palestinian protesters.

Police in riot gear entered Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall and used flash bangs when breaching the building, in which pro-Palestinian protesters had barricaded themselves. 

On Wednesday morning, police officers entered campus across the country, taking dozens of people into custody in the latest escalation between student-led, pro-Palestinian protests and law enforcement authorities.


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