IP- Democratic US Senator Elizabeth Warren has described Israel's attack on Rafah, which resulted in the death of 45 displaced Palestinian civilians in a tented camp, as "horrific."

Iran Press/America: “Israel has a duty to protect innocent civilians and Palestinians seeking shelter in Rafah have nowhere safe to go,” she wrote on X.

A community note beneath the tweet, however, highlighted that Warren voted in favor of supplying “Israel with $3.8 billion of weapons”, while she also voted to pause US funding for the UN organization for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA).

On Monday, the Zionist regime's rocket strike on the Palestinian refugee tents in northwest Rafah resulted in 45 fatalities and dozens wounded. 

Munitions made in the US were deployed by Israel during their deadly attack on a tented camp in Rafah, CNN reports, citing analysis of footage from the scene.

CNN based its findings on footage taken at the scene of Sunday’s strike, saying that the geolocated video showed the tail of a “US-made GBU-39 small diameter bomb” – a finding verified by four explosive weapons experts.

CNN added that serial numbers seen on the remnants of the munitions matched a California-based manufacturer of GBU-39 parts.

In a post on X, Oman’s Foreign Ministry has denounced Israel’s latest attacks “targeting displaced persons’ camps in Rafah”, adding to growing international condemnation of the strikes.

In the statement, the ministry called on the international community to take immediate action to “stop the systematic and ongoing war crimes and genocide committed against the Palestinian people”. 204

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