Hamas spokesman, Hazim Qasim

Palestine (IP) - Hamas spokesman called on the Palestinian Authority minister of labor to abandon the illusion of trust in the United States.

Iran Press/Middle East: Hazim Qasim criticized some Palestinian Authority officials' efforts to gain confidence in the new US administration.

His remarks come as a reaction to the Palestinian Authority Minister of Labor Ahmed Majdalani, who has said that the new US administration would take a different path than the previous one.

Hamas spokesman stated that Majdalani's remarks about the new US administration showed the "illusion of some, about the path to a solution" to the Zionist regime's discords.

He noted that such people are under the illusion that such a path could benefit the Palestinian people through mediation between Hamas and the Zionist regime.

Qasim pointed out that Majdalani had made the remarks while ignoring the US secretary of state's remarks.

The new US secretary of state had claimed that he recognized the occupied al-Quds as the Zionist regime's capital and intended to keep the US embassy in this city.


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