Local sources in Yemen reported that several cities and different regions of Yemen have been targeted by the US and British airstrikes.

Yemen's Al-Masira news channel reported on Thursday morning that the US and British airstrikes on the provinces of "Hodeidah", "Sa'ada", "Taez", "Dhamar" and "Al-Bayda" continues. 

Also, Sabreen News reported, quoting a Yemeni official, that the US and British attacks on the mentioned areas are continuing.

The United States and the United Kingdom launched airstrikes on Yemen last Friday following the resolution of the United Nations Security Council.

These aggressions against Yemen were carried out after the Yemeni army targeted ships bound for the occupied territories in the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandeb Strait in the past weeks in support of the resistance of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. 219

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