Governor of Golestan:

Golestan (IP) - Ali Mohammad Zanganeh, Governor of Golestan province said: Unity of Muslims is definitely protecting the interests of the Islamic Ummah.

Iran PressIran news: The governor, who was giving a speech at the second regional Islamic unity conference held in Gorgan of Golestan Province, northeastern Iran, added: "First, we must identify what the interests of the Islamic Ummah are, then the nations and governments should agree on the issue and see what the Islamic Ummah needs today, and who should be enmity with."

"Who should be friends with? How to make friends and act together against arrogant plots? We have enemies who specialize in dividing and ruling, Zanganeh said, adding: "We should not allow religious conflicts to occur and grow. Shia and Sunni have lived together for centuries without any problems."

"Today, the fight against the Zionist regime is obligatory and necessary for the entire Islamic world, why do some nations ignore this? Our nation is aware," Ali Mohammad Zanganeh, Governor of Golestan province underscored.

"Nations sympathize with each other and governments are the ones who can and should play a role, so holding the second regional meeting of Islamic unity in Golestan with the participation of more than a hundred articles shows special attention to holding this meeting,"  Zanganeh said.


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