The UN’s Middle East envoy has warned that “we’re escalating towards a full-scale war” as the Israeli regime vowed more attacks to bring 'total, long-term quiet' after its bombardments left 43 Palestinians dead.

Iran Press/Middle East: The UN’s Middle East envoy issued a stark warning that “we’re escalating towards a full-scale war” as violence between Israeli jets and Palestinian militants continued this morning, bringing the death toll to 45.

Tor Wennesland, who is expected to brief the UN security council on the crisis today, urged leaders on all sides to “take the responsibility of de-escalation”. “Stop the fire immediately. We’re escalating towards a full-scale war,” he said.

Israel has carried out hundreds of airstrikes in Gaza and Palestinian resistance fired rockets at Israeli cities including Tel Aviv and Beersheba in retaliation.

The Zionist regime today vowed to bring 'total, long-term quiet' to the Gaza Strip amid growing international condemnations. "The army will continue to attack to bring a total, long-term quiet. Only when we reach that goal will we be able to speak about a truce," Defence Minister Benny Gantz said as the Palestinian death toll rose to 43, including 13 children. At least 230 Palestinians have been wounded.

The Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh, said: “If Israel wants to escalate, we are ready for it”.

Israel's ongoing crimes against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the occupied Jerusalem al-Quds, have drawn strong condemnations from around the globe, as the regime in Tel Aviv has been conducting the heaviest strikes on Gazans since the 2014 war.


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