The Russian ambassador to the Vienna International Organization said that as the JCPOA revival negotiations and the finalization of the text of the agreement are almost done, reaching an agreement in the next few days is possible.

Iran PressEurope: Russia's ambassador to international organizations and representative in the Vienna talks on lifting sanctions, Mikhail Ulyanov told reporters on Wednesday: "Negotiations are not finalized yet, not even the text of the final agreement is final. The text of the agreement may be finalized on Thursday."

He added: "There are speculations about Russia's position in the talks and some are trying to accuse Moscow of prolonging the talks."

"Russia is one of Tehran's major trading partners and we want this trade to be maintained," Ulyanov said, noting that one of JCPOA's goals is to ensure Iran's legal trade with the world.

Russia's representative in the Vienna talks continued: "During the maximum campaign period, none of the European countries fulfilled their obligations under maximum pressure, but Russia last year expanded its trade relations with Iran by 84% compared to the previous year."

He added: "We expect the Europeans and the Americans not to interfere in our relations with Iran."

Russia is working to increase its demands for a nuclear deal with Iran, US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said on Tuesday.

Asked if the US government had given a written guarantee to Russia that Washington would not impose sanctions on trade, investment or military cooperation with Iran, the US Deputy Secretary of State said that the US had not given such a guarantee to Russia.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told at a news conference on Saturday that "as the Western sanctions against Iran have not yet expired and Washington has a key role to play, we have asked the US government to provide a written guarantee that Moscow's rights in investments and economic cooperation with Iran should not be lost. 219