The representative of Russia in international organizations in Vienna said that the delay of the United States to finalize the Vienna talks and claims of concern about Iran's peaceful nuclear program is irresponsible.

Iran PressEurope: Mikhail Ulyanov posted a message on his Twitter on Thursday and wrote: "American officials are concerned about the progress of Iran's nuclear program. There is an easy way to address these concerns; finalizing the Vienna negotiations."

Referring to the alleged statements of Robert Mali, the US special representative for Iran affairs, he clarified: "the US unpreparedness to conclude the negotiations, coupled with the mention of a military option is irresponsible"

In an interview with Foreign Policy magazine, Robert Mali repeated false political claims about Iran's peaceful nuclear program and stated that Tehran is very close to producing enough fuel material for military purposes.

The US official also claimed that US President Joe Biden has announced that he will agree to the military option as a last resort. But yet this stage has not yet been reached and there is still hope.

This is while the negotiations to lift the sanctions after months of intensive talks in Vienna have reached a stage where if the United States of America, as the party violating the JCPOA, accepts Iran's reasonable proposals and the requirements for the formation of a stable and reliable agreement, the final agreement will be at hand.

The experience of months of negotiations in Vienna proved that the White House does not have the power to decide to return to the nuclear agreement due to internal problems and pressure from the Zionist regime, and from this point of view, it has resorted to blaming tactics and setting fake deadlines against Iran.

Most of the countries participating in the talks want a faster conclusion of the negotiations, but reaching a final agreement is pending the political decisions of the United States regarding several important and key remaining issues. 219