UK escalates crisis by military support to Ukraine border

The UK says it is supplying Ukraine with short-range anti-tank missiles and will send a group of the military when the Russia-Ukraine crisis is going to be tense.

Iran PressEurope: Ben Wallace, UK defense secretary told MPs that supplying Ukraine with anti-tank missiles is for self-defense and a small team of British troops would be sent to Ukraine to provide training.

He said there was "legitimate and real cause for concern" when Russia amassed about 100,000 troops on its border and the Russian troops could be used for an invasion.

Dozens of British troops have been in Ukraine since 2015 and the UK is cooperating in renovating Ukraine's navy following the Crimea crisis in 2014.

The first batch of light anti-armor weapons was sent on Monday.

The Ukrainian ambassador to the UK welcomed Britain's decision to send weapons and extra troops but told the BBC the biggest problem was that as they were not a member of Nato.

Ukraine and Russia are already at odds with each other over Russian troop build-up along the border. Russia has said that it does not intend to invade Ukraine, it has been alleging that Ukraine's maneuvers were creating security threats for Russia.

Ukraine was part of erstwhile Soviet Russia. Russia has already annexed Crimea, formerly a part of Ukraine.

Western nations have issued a number of warnings to Russian President Vladimir Putin against invading Ukraine. Putin has made clear that the inclusion of Ukraine in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) would be unacceptable to Russia.


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