Tehran (IP) - An Iranian parliamentarian has stressed that the government and the legal bodies are to reconsider the JCPOA so that Iran's rights will be fully protected.

Iran press/Iran news:The Chairman of Iranian Parliament's Economic Commission Reza Pour-Ebrahimi, said in an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Sunday that Islamic Republic of Iran has always fully implemented its commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

The top parliamentarian went on to refer to Trump’s withdrawal from the deal out of what he called ‘malice’ and because of US hostile behaviour.

Pour-Ebrahimi also highlighted that not only the Europe and the US have acted according within the deal framework, but also the United States have stepped out of the deal so that they chose the different path other than what Iran had chosen.

Iran’s top economic official also stressed that even Europe also showed that they did not really want Iran to enjoy its own rights entitled according to the deal to the extent that he called the whole process as the excuse so that all of the Iran’s rights would not be served.

Pour- Ebrahimi refferd to SPV as well as the new mechanism under the name of INSTEX  as good examples in this regard.

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However, he warned that Islamic Republic of Iran is going to decide firmly about the JCPOA. That means If it would be the case that Iran would always implement the commitments however the others would not do so and having no achievement for the Iranian side, the reconsideration will matter here.

“Therefore the provisions of the JCPOA will be regarded as the main criterion to define the basis according to which the extent of the relations with other countries will be determined so that in case of withdrawal of other sides what measures should be taken by Iran,” emphasized Iran’s top parliamentarian.

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According to Pour- Ebrahimi’s remarks, the main legal bodies including the Iran’s parliamentary commission for the national security as well as Iran’s Supreme National Security Council together with the 3 branches of the government have put this on the top of their agenda.

Finally, he concluded that the least effort will be in a way that the provisions will be implemented toward the European and the American sides themselves. Furthermore, he expressed hope that the decisions should be made as soon as possible.

Britain, France and Germany promised to secure JCPOA by guaranteeing the economic interests of Iran after America's illegal and unilateral withdrawal from the multinational treaty, but have not yet succeeded in taking practical steps to maintain the UNSC endorsed agreement.



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