Tehran (IP) - The deputy of security and law enforcement of the Interior ministry promised that Arbaeen’s pilgrims would experience an easy trip this year.

Iran PressIran News: Seyed Majid Mirahmadi, on the sidelines of the Arbaeen National Headquarters meeting, said that the active organizations in transferring Arbaeen's pilgrims do not have the right to receive money without the approval of the Arbaeen National Headquarters.

Attending among journalists on Tuesday, Seyyed Majid Mirahmadi advised pilgrims to renew their passports in the remaining time.

He added that without Coronavirus vaccination, no one is allowed to leave Iran. 

Mirahmadi said that Iran's mosques are supposed to play a central role in transferring pilgrims, although everyone can leave Iran on his solo traveling during Arbaeen.

He concluded that 500,000 people have registered for the Arbaeen pilgrimage so far, noting that all borders to Iraq have been reopened.


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