Poland (IP) - Ten Iranian films made their way to the 13th edition of Edukino international short film festival in Poland.

Iran PressEurope: Edukino film festival is an event where films with anti-war themes are screened. 

The festival will be held from 22 September to 23.

Iranian Movies including: Mira (Amir Hossein Riahi), Sara (Roshank Rezaei Mehr), Doll (Nasrin Gol Rehan), Mazar-Berlin (Mustafa Koshki), Nomads (Emad Salmanian), My name is Dekan from Burma to Bangladesh (Ala Hoshiar Tayyeb), Loneliness and Memory (Azer Faramarezi),  Aleppo: The Silence of War (Amir Asanlou) and Where the Winds Die (Pezhman Alipour) will compete in the festival.

The EDUKINO Educational Film Festival has been broadening audiences' perspectives and helping them understand the world and people.


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