Kabul (IP) - The Spokesman of the Taliban's Ministry of Bidding the Good and Forbidding Evils reported its activities during the past year.

Iran PressAsia: Akef Mohajer told Iran Press that with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan taking power in the country, the interim government could practice reforms with the cooperation of the people. 

He said that the US occupation of Afghanistan brought about the mental and cultural occupation of the Afghan people, too, such that the West tried to change the culture of Afghans and had an impact to some extent.

Yet, because the people of Afghanistan had always fought against colonialism and occupation, the Western cultural and intellectual models failed to have much impact on their lives.

The Taliban took power in Afghanistan again as they entered Kabul on August 15, 2022.  

They announced that their way of ruling would be different from the previous Afghan government, but many international entities and the Afghan people themselves criticized the performance of the Taliban interim government. 


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