Afghanistan (IP)- Taliban's advance in various parts of Afghanistan and taking control of 27 provinces have put the group on the verge of complete domination of all parts of the country.

Iran Presscommentary: With the Taliban's rapid advance and city-by-city strategy, the group has seized about ten Afghan provinces in three days, strategic provinces such as Ghazni, Kandahar, Balkh, and Bamyan.

Reports from various parts of Afghanistan show that government forces have surrendered with minimal resistance in most provinces, and the Taliban have had no difficulty gaining control of the cities.

This situation has led the Taliban spokesman to attribute the group's rapid progress to the surrender of the people and government forces and their lack of resistance, implicitly influenced by the Taliban's popularity.

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Some sources predict that the group will also dominate Kabul in the next three days.

That is why it can be said that the countdown to the fall of the Afghan government has begun, and the words of the President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani yesterday to prevent instability confirm this.

The United States, which is responsible for the current situation in Afghanistan, has announced that it has sent 3,000 troops to the country to facilitate the exit of its diplomats and security personnel from Afghanistan.

The Afghan government and people, who see the current situation as the result of the US military's irresponsible and hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan, expected the White House to effectively prevent the group from entering Kabul and the fall of Ashraf Ghani's government.

Although the US is committed to confronting the enemies of Afghanistan, today, when the Afghan government is on the verge of collapse, it is taking no action but trying to evacuate its citizens out of the country.

While the Taliban is approaching Kabul, the question is, what is the group's plan after taking complete control of Afghanistan and overthrowing the Afghan government?

Despite the emphasis of the United Nations and some countries on the non-recognition of a possible Taliban government in Afghanistan after the fall of the government, the group is expected to take a final step towards the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, regardless of foreign reactions, in which democracy and the Republic will face an uncertain future.

By Mohammad-Reza Asgari


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