The speaker of the Syrian Parliament said that the confrontation of the 'axis of resistance' with Israel continues.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The parliamentary delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran met with the speaker of the Syrian People's Assembly and presented him with the message of the speaker of the Iranian Parliament.

According to Iran Press, Hammouda Sabbagh, Speaker of the Syrian People's Assembly, said in the meeting of the Iranian parliamentary delegation in Damascus on Sunday evening, that the Axis of Resistance continues to confront the occupation of the Israeli regime.

'Hamoudeh Sabbagh' emphasized that the Axis of Resistance continues to support the Palestinian people and resistance and stated that Syria and Iran are united against the Israel-American conspiracies in the region.

The Speaker of the Syrian People's Assembly also called Iran-Syria relations historic and said that strengthening the diplomatic and parliamentary relations between the two friendly countries is necessary to defend the Palestinian cause.

Ebrahim Azizi, Vice Chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Iran's parliament, also said in a meeting with the Speaker of the Syrian People's Assembly that the Israeli regime failed in the 'Aqsa Flood operation' and cannot compensate for this failure.

The Iranian parliamentary delegation headed by 'Ebrahim Aziri' arrived in Damascus on Sunday to consult with the Syrian authorities about bilateral relations, especially parliamentary cooperation, as well as the most important developments in the West Asian region, including the Gaza war.


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