São Paulo (IP) - Palestinian supporters from different nationalities condemned the crimes of Israel in the Gaza Strip with an anti-Zionist rally in Paulista Avenue, downtown São Paulo, Brazil.

Iran PressAmerica: The attacks of the Israeli regime on the residential areas of the Gaza Strip began on October 7 and these brutal attacks continue in the shadow of the silence of the international community and institutions.

Supporters of Palestine, especially Iranians living in Brazil, carried Palestinian flags with them in this massive rally on Tuesday and expressed solidarity with the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip.

Iranians living in Brazil were prominently present in this anti-Zionist gathering and in addition to carrying Palestinian flags, they had pictures of the terrible crimes of the Israel regime in the Gaza Strip in their hands and showed them to the world, especially human rights organizations.

Women and mothers of different nationalities held a funeral ceremony for the symbolic bodies of martyred children in the pro-Palestinian rally to express their sympathy for the mourning Palestinian women in Gaza.


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