Khartoum(IP) - Sudanese pro-democracy protesters have been more resolute in calling for an unconditional end to military rule again and establishing a democratic, legitimate government.

Iran PressAfrica: Although the decision of Sudan's army chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and commander of the military coup in the country to lift the state of emergency has been welcomed by the Sudanese, the people still want an end to the military rule.

Al-Misbah Mohammed Ahmed, head of the media department of the Sudan National Ummah Party, has already told IranPress that lifting the state of emergency in Sudan is the beginning of work and that the Sudanese Military Council should take more steps to restore confidence in the people.

However, the Sudanese people continue to demonstrate in Khartoum, the capital, and other cities, demanding the withdrawal of the military from power and the formation of a democratic government.

Ahmed Mansour, a Sudanese citizen, told IranPress that those who are supported by the people and are independent should run Sudan.

The Sudanese citizen stressed that anyone who wants to govern Sudan must allow the youth to play a role in the country's development.

Ali Mustafa, another Sudanese citizen, said the Sudanese military was criminal because it targeted peaceful demonstrators and killed those who wanted peace, freedom, and justice.

He stressed that the Sudanese people would overthrow the military government with demonstrations.

After the military coup in Sudan, the people have been on the streets since October 2021, and despite the violence by military rulers, they are demanding the fulfillment of their demands.


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