Sudan (IP) - As the popular protest is going on in Sudan against military rule, a labor strike was added to the protests in some states across the country.

Iran PressAfrica: Following the military coup in Sudan, people have been on the streets since October 2021, and despite the violent crackdown on protesters by the Sudanese military, they have insisted on standing up, resisting, and taking to the streets until their demands are met.

The labor strike that began on Monday, March 14, was aimed at protesting the severe economic condition in Sudan.

In some areas, including Atbara, northern Sudan, the workers' strike led to clashes between the people and the military troops. 

The troops used tear gas canisters and sound bombs to scatter the people. Tens of people were wounded. 

The Sudanese oppose the military rule in their country; They walk into the streets almost every week to demand the formation of a democratic government.


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