Tehran(IP): The Friday prayers Leader in Tehran considered the operations of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps to the headquarters of the terrorists in the region as a warning against the threats of the Zionist regime.

Iran Press/Iran news:  In the past few days, the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps targeted terrorist headquarters in Syria, Iraq, and Pakistan.

"Kazem Sediqi", the Friday prayers Leader in Tehran, referring to the attacks of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps on the headquarters of terrorists in the region, said: "This action was a warning to the Zionist regime so that it realizes that the missiles of the Islamic Republic of Iran are capable of targeting them. Therefore, it should not allow itself to continue terrorist activities."

Sediqi considered the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps as the arm of the people to protect the security of Iran and emphasized that this IRGC move was done on behalf of the zealous people of Iran and it was a warning to all ill-wishers to realize that if they commit these crimes, they will be punished. There is no safety for them under this sky and anywhere in the world.

Iran's senior cleric in Tehran also called Palestine the first issue of the Islamic world and added: " It has been more than a hundred days since the barbaric and irreligious Zionist regime showed itself to the world and destroyed houses with bombs and killed children. Medical staff and hospitals were attacked and journalists were martyred and violated all international laws."

Sediqui stated that the Zionist regime failed in the attack on the Gaza Strip and the Zionists suffered political and economic losses, which will ultimately lead to the destruction of this regime.

The Friday prayers Leader in Tehran also pointed to the holding of the upcoming elections and said that the people of Iran are ready to participate in various fields defend their country in various arenas and confront all kinds of propaganda, military, and political attacks of the enemies.


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