Iran (IP) - In a statement, the Iranian intelligence ministry said that two terrorists planning an attack on a police station and bombing near it in Kerman were killed.

Iran Press/Iran news: According to the Iranian Intelligence Ministry, several ISIS-affiliated terrorists have been killed, and arrested in Iran, in connection with a recent Kerman terrorist blasts. 

The statement also noted that two very powerful hand-made bombs weighing 20 kilograms were confiscated along with several weapons.

The arrest of one of the leaders of ISIS Mohammed Imran Tanvir with the nickname "Abu Imran". He was one of the leaders of ISIS-Khorasan.

The mentioned person, who is a bomb-making specialist of the ISIS mercenary group, was one of the associates of "Abdullah Tajiki".

Also, Iran's Intelligence Ministry announced the arrest of another so-called ISIS leader named "Mehtab", who was also one of the agents related to "Abdullah Tajiki" and had entered the country under the guise of a worker by Abdullah's design. This person is also under interrogation.

Two suicide attacks happened on the path leading to Kerman's Cemmetry of Martyrs on the fourth anniversary of the martyrdom of Lt. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, in Kerman, southeast of Iran, where 91 people were martyred and 277 others were injured. 219

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Perpetrators of Kerman terrorist attack arrested or will be identiefd soon