Anzali Port (IP) - A Russian missile launcher named 'MakhachKala' docked at Anzali Port in the fourth zone of the Iranian Navy.

Iran PressIran News: The purpose of the Russian missile launcher, docking in the north of Iran, is to implement the approvals of the Joint Commission on Military Cooperation, to negotiate at the headquarters of the naval forces, to conduct port visits, and to strengthen bilateral ties in the maritime sector and to develop maritime diplomacy.

Meeting with the Commander of the Northern Fleet of Iran, visiting Bandar-e Anzali city and its free zone, holding sports competitions, and conducting PASSEX exercises, which are Iranian-Russian navies' exercises to ensure the capabality of the countries' navies for communication and cooperation, are among the plans for the Russian vessel. 

Iran and Russia share strategic interests in bilateral fields, especially economic, military, and security relations, as well as regional and international issues, such as confronting US unilateralism, which has been one of the main factors of close cooperation between the two sides in recent years.