(IP)- Russia condemned US air raids in Iraq and Syria and stated that the attacks were an incident that needs to be taken up by the UN Security Council, according to Russia’s foreign ministry spokeswoman.

Iran PressEurope: “It is obvious that the air strikes are deliberately designed to further inflame the conflict. By attacking, almost without pause, the facilities of allegedly pro-Iranian groups in Iraq and Syria, the United States are purposefully trying to drive the largest countries in the region into conflict,” said in a statement.

Russia’s foreign ministry also said the US was “sowing chaos and destruction” in the Middle East. A week ago, as a result of a drone attack by the Iraqi resistance forces on an American military base in Jordan, three American soldiers were killed.

America attacked several places in Iraq and Syria last night. The Iraqi government announced the death of 16 people, and two dozen injured in the country as a result of the US Friday attacks. 


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US hits Iraq and Syria, retaliating for drone attack