Iran's President Hassan Rouhani warned on Sunday that Iran will retaliate, avenging the blood of martyred IRGC border guards.

Iran Press/Iran news: President Hassan Rouhani warned anti-Iran terrorists on Sunday by saying: "We never let the mercenaries of the terrorists attack our beloved IRGC (the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps) forces who safeguard the security of this country".

Speaking during an official visit to the southern province of Hormozgan for the inauguration of several important developmental projects, president Rouhani went on to stress that Iran has never initiated any military aggression against any country.

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According to an Iran Press report, commenting further president Rouhani said: "Unfortunately, some of the neighboring countries have gone astray, relying entirely on the US and the Zionist regime for their security."

One or two neighbors unfriendly

President Rouhani added: "One or two of our neighbors do not have friendly, sincere, and brotherly relations with us. They think that a powerful Iran covets their territory or resources."

President Rouhani went on to stress a powerful Iran's role in creating security for the entire region, saying Iran safeguards regional security. He also stressed the necessity of unity among Muslims so that brotherly and friendly relations between Muslim countries leads to security within the region as a whole. He also said that Iran is after cordial and brotherly relations with all of the countries of the region.

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President Rouhani went on to warn that the spread of disunity, division, and rift between different religions, ethnicities, and nations of the region is one of the principal aims of the colonial and arrogant powers. Rouhani said the enemy wants a split between the government and the nation.


President to open big infrastructural plans in SE Iran


Iran's President Hassan Rouhani is to inaugurate several strategic infrastructural projects on Monday, according to the deputy coordinator for presidential office.

"With inauguration of gasoline production projects in Bandar Abbas, Hormuzgan Province, Iran will become self-sufficient in the product," said Ali-Asghar Ahmadi on Sunday.

Saying that a submarine made by Defense Ministry will be officially joining Iran's Naval fleet, he added that many projects of shipping, agriculture, aviation industry, road construction, and energy will also be inaugurated by President Rouhani during this trip.

The president will also open 16 industrial and mining projects in Sirjan's Gol Gohar, in southern Kerman Province, as well, which will create 5,980 direct and indirect jobs.

Having rich iron mines, Gol Gohar district is one of the most important mining regions of West Asia.  203/ 211/103


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