Yemen's envoy:
Reopening of Iranin embassy in Sana'a infuriated US, Zionists

Tehran (IP) - The Yemeni ambassador to Tehran said that the reopening of the Iranian embassy in Sana'a is an important achievement for Yemen's diplomacy that had upset and angered the United States and Israel.

Iran PressIran News: Ibrahim Mohammed al-Dailami told Al-Masirah TV on Thursday that there is a set of treaties and agreements between Yemen and Iran that would be signed soon.

"There are several countries that have established contact with Sana'a to open diplomatic relations, and all this is the result of the military and political achievements of the resistance," al-Dilami said.

Noting that the US scenarios and strategies to counter the axis of resistance and siege of Yemen have failed, he said that initial efforts are underway to establish a regional and international coalition through one of the UN Security Council's countries to counter the war against Yemen.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni envoy to Iran told Al-Masirah that the coordination between Syria and Yemen had not been limited to the political field, adding that there is clear trade, economic, cultural, and scientific horizons of cooperation between Sana'a and Damascus. 


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