Top IRGC commander, Major General Hussein Salami addressed participants in Tehran's massive rally and said: "Today, when you are here in the heart of the Islamic world, Tehran, you have fired a coup de grace at American efforts."

Iran Press/Iran news:  Major General Hussein Salami, Head of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC), was the keynote speaker at today's rally in Tehran. He said the rally by the people of Tehran was effectively a 'coup de grace' to President Trump's efforts against Iran.

A large gathering of the people of Tehran was held on Monday to protest against recent riots in some cities.

The people of Tehran in their millions gathered in Enqelab Square (Revolution Square) to announce their support for Iran's security and condemn the acts of saboteurs.

Tehran's Enqelab (Revolution) SQ

Recent demonstrations in all cities and today Tehran took place after the government increased gasoline prices on Friday 15 November, to implement the fuel price reform plan.

Major General Hussein Salami, Head of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) delivered a speech and said: "Today, you are here in the heart of the Islamic world, Tehran, you have fired a coup de grace at American efforts."

"The war that started on our streets was a complete global scenario," the commander said, "Today we are in a major world war and at this moment we are defeating all the arrogant powers. The war is over; you have acted precisely."

He said the sedition that has taken place in recent days is the result of all the major failures of the enemy over the past 40 years, and especially in the last 8 months.

Top IRGC Commander, Major General Hussein Salami 

"You saw that even Trump did not attend the congressional impeachment hearing and stayed in the White House and set up a war room to defeat the great Iranian people," said Salami. We were monitoring, this time he did his best, the maximum psychological pressure and his accomplices inside Iran rushed into the streets. Even the US aircraft carrier, which had been out of the Persian Gulf for months for fear of the IRGC came to the region. But I tell them it's late, and I tell the Zionists not to be pleased with America, it will come late, it will come when you have been wiped out."

"Our Leader has defeated the policy of the Americans and the arrogant powers in Lebanon," he said, "created such an army that has made Zionists' night and day the same. He defended the Syrian people, united the Muslim world, and ultimately maintained a strong chain of resistance. It saved the Iraqi people from the demons and their disintegration and united the nation.

General Salami said, "Be sure that today our enemies are no longer capable of anything, they are defeated, look at their depressed and faded leaders."

"We follow them everywhere and tell them that we will not leave anything unanswered and retaliate everything, when and how it is up to us".

"We have secret information that the ambassador of one country in Tehran gathered all the ambassadors and told them, to tell the Europeans that the Iranians are cutting off their economic dependence on oil and have reached self-sufficiency, don't let them get their goals".

I tell the enemies, the US, UK you have been slapped many times you are failed, if you cross our red lines we will defeat you. If any people attack our belongings, they will face retaliation. Our patience is at its limit, so be careful, be polite and treat Iranians respectfully.

In this rally, the people shouted "Down with America" ??and "Down with Israel".

The Secretary of Expediency Council, Mohsen Rezaei, one of the participants in the rally, said, "Today's rally is about separating the voices of the people. People want to say that our protests are separate from rioters linked with foreign spy agencies. People say they won't allow any outsiders to interfere in our internal affairs".

Rezaei said, "the government must respect the people and treat the people honestly".

The government spokesman, Ali Rabiei also said on the sidelines of the rally, "The enemy is exploiting and frustrating people's grievances, otherwise our people are not violent and in general our society is not violent. We and the people are together to protect the Islamic Revolution and defend its goals.   205/211

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Top IRGC Commander, Major General Hussein Salami 
IRGC top commander, Major General Hussein Salami