Abuja(Ip): Sheikh Nura Khalid, popularly known as the Digital Imam of Nigeria is a famous senior Sunni Muslim cleric, activist, and also the head of Islamic Research and Da'awah Foundation in Nigeria.

In an exclusive interview in Abuja on the tragedy that occurred to the world of justice in which Iranian President, Sayyed Ibrahim Raisi and his accompanying delegation including Foreign Minister, Amir Hossein Abdollahian martyred in a helicopter crash, the Islamic cleric describes the martyrdom of the Iranian President, Sayyed Raesi as a great loss not only to Iranians or Muslims of the world but to the entire humanity.

"Firstly, as Muslims, we always give glory to Allah for whatever happened to us whether positive or negative, and we submit to him by saying we are from Allah and indeed to him we are going to return. We believe that it is destiny, but we also pray that Allah the Almighty may admit them into Paradise, accept their good deeds, and forgive their shortcomings.

"Sheikh Nura Khalid added that the two personalities, President Raesi and Foreign Minister, Amir Hossein Abdollahian would always be remembered because they were always on the front side and so active for the freedom of Palestine."Always they had been active for Palestine. Being active for Palestine is not only being active for Islam, but for all victims of injustice," he reiterated.

We believe that there are elements of injustice (against Palestine), that is why we support what President Raesi was doing, and we think his loss is a great loss to humanity, not only to the Iranian people and the Muslim world but to the entire humanity."