Tehran (IP) - The Iranian president in the inauguration ceremony of water and sewage projects in Tehran said that Tehran and other provinces should not face any water stress, emphasizing that sustainable water supply is significant in Tehran and across the country.

Iran PressIran news: President Raisi opened the Tehran sewage control and monitoring center, increasing the capacity of Tehran's drinking water treatment plant.

Iran's President, referring to the issue of resource management and water consumption, especially concerning climate changes, the reduction of rainfalls and the expansion of consumption, said: The scarcity of the country's water resources requires that efficient management of the supply and consumption for drinking water, agriculture and the country's industry be implemented.

The President expressed his gratitude to the Minister of Energy and the officials of this ministry who have taken good steps since the beginning of the current administration to improve the management and of the country's water resources, adding: "Considering the actions taken, including water supply to 5 thousand villages out of the total of 10 thousand targeted villages, this promises that the government's plans in the field of water supply and management will be realized."

He called the issue of agricultural water supply a significant one, adding: "Agricultural water consumption should be managed in such a way that there would be the least amount of water consumption yet the most yield. For this purpose, we need to convert flood irrigation to subsurface scientific water supply so that water consumption is reduced and production and exploitation are increased by 3 to 4 times, although this work has started and is being done in some places.

Hashem Amini, the CEO of Iran's Water and Wastewater Engineering Company, said that in this project, through the transfer of sewage treatment plant effluent to large and small industries, an investment of more than 19 thousand billion tomans with a volume of 47 million cubic meters In the year, will be done in the sector of completion and development of infrastructure and sewage projects.

He mentioned the number of the contracts involved in the project as 14 and continued: "With the implementation of these contracts, a part of the water needs of large industries will be eliminated and the use of conventional water in the industries of 7 provinces of the country will be met."

Inauguration of water and sewage projects in Tehran province

According to Iran's Water and Wastewater Engineering Company in Tehran province, the project includes 5000 billion tomans of water projects to increase the capacity of drinking water supply and 12 thousand billion tomans of projects is related to the sewage project of Tehran city.

These projects will play an important role in water supply and improvement of the sewer network utilization index in Tehran province, and include the opening of the Tehran sewage control and monitoring center, the largest and most equipped sewage relief center in the country, increasing the capacity of Tehran's sixth drinking water treatment plant. At the rate of 1,250 liters per second, the operation of the sewer network development plan for the western half of Tehran is to cover 700 thousand people of Tehran.

The expansion of water storage tanks to the extent of 222,000 cubic meters, the completion of 32 km of Al-Ghadir water supply project and the improvement of 86 km of Tehran's drinking water distribution network are among the other projects that will be opened on Thursday, April 11.


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